I'm JJ born in early mid 90's from planet Neptune. Hip hop & music altogether is my passion; writes poetry on a daily, and admires boobies.
"These viral thoughts in my mind spirals false notes when I vibe"
Any advice when you miss your ex really bad? Missing those old times with him but you know that u can't get back together..?
by Anonymous

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds* -bob marley

As the wise mister Marley says here only you can stop thinking about him. Make new memories; find some thing or some one that will provide a much safer memorable happiness. But, dont tie yourself to the past. Grow stronger and move on. Learn from that person, find a way to prevent yourself from being broken. NO matter what you aint break, you are far more smatter then to let that person hold you for this long. To be happy all you gotta do is have faith and everythings easy let go and let god deal with it. If youre hapoy with that comment, ill rephrase, let it go, remove it from your heart so someone else can provide you love and affection.

Do you miss your ex or anyone in particular?
by Anonymous

My mom and sister.